Guy promises to extend train line to “Clyde”

Aravind with Matthew Guy and others at Cranbourne Station

‘Cranbourne’ emerging as the ‘billion dollar electorate’ leading up to November Victorian elections

The Cranbourne train line will be extended to the fast-growing suburb of Clyde if the Coalition wins November’s state election, state Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said.

The Liberal leader made his biggest metropolitan public transport announcement to date at Cranbourne train station on Wednesday 11 July.

Mr Guy said the rail line would be extended within four years, at a cost of $487 million. It would open in 2022.

“This is fully costed, fully budgeted and will commence in the first term of a government I lead,” he said, alongside Liberal candidate for Cranbourne Ann-Marie Hermans.

The proposed extension would not tackle chronic bottlenecks that hold up Cranbourne train services because a single section of track from Dandenong would not be immediately duplicated.

Daya Shetty, Nitin Gupta and other with Matthew Guy at Cranbourne

Mr Guy said he wanted to change the travel habits of people living in the rapidly expanding south-east by extending the train line before duplicating the section of single track.

The first stage of the upgrade would involve extending the track five kilometres along the old South Gippsland line, to Cranbourne East and Clyde. Cranbourne station would also be rebuilt.

AFL India Ambassador Mrs Anchal Agarwal, who works and lives in Cranbourne has welcomed the announcement. “It has been long overdue, and it’s a big relief. I would expect bipartisan support for the move as Cranbourne population has grown massively in last few years.”

Cranbourne socialite and AIBC Member Mr Aravind Putta who again works and lives in the area has given the announcement a big thumb’s up.

Mr Putta and Mrs Agarwal had raised the issue of Clyde with several politicians on numerous occasions, including at the Shadow Cabinet Meeting held in Cranbourne last December.

Richmond Tiger’s Ambassador Mrs Preeti Sharma, who works in Clyde, is among the professionals who are happy with this announcement, and feels that it would be good for business.

Preeti Sharma and Rishi Dutta with Matthew Guy at Cranbourne

Former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta has welcomed the announcement. Mr Gupta who is a local resident and investor, expects bipartisan support for Clyde railway extension. “I hope to see bipartisan support for Clyde railway line extension. Leading up to 2014 Victorian elections, Yan Yean had emerged as the billion dollar electorate. For the Victorian elections Cranbourne is emerging as the billion dollar electorate. Most likely the party that wins Cranbourne would form the next government in Victoria. And by announcing this railway line extension, Mr Guy seems to have secured the early advantage,” said Mr Gupta.

The City of Casey has welcomed the Liberal leader Mr Matthew Guy’s announcement, and is hoping for the ALP to match the promise.

The announcement when implemented would also have positive impact on nearly 20,000 plus Victorian Indian families, who live in and around Cranbourne/Clyde/Casey Fields areas. Extra Car parking has also been announced by Mr Guy for Cranbourne’s existing train station, and at the two new proposed Stations.


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