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Who's Who of Sydney's Indian Community 2018
Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar (Entrepreneur)

Sanjeev Kumar will never forget the time he arrived in Australia. It was the turn of the millennium, the world was celebrating, Sydney even more so, as the city was host to the Olympics. “I was eleven years old and though at the time I didn’t know it was happening, as an adult the memories are still there,” says Sanjeev, a project and sales executive at First National Real Estate.

What I love about Australia, adds Sanjeev, is the mateship, the growing up with friends.

“I first got into sales at Rebel Sports Blacktown while I was in high school,” says Sanjeev, who then “diversified” his business in uni when he stared selling carom boards online. “I ran this business from my bedroom, which was full of boxes of carom,” says Sanjeev. But he knew he loved the world of real estate, so would attend property seminars with his wife across Sydney. “This passion led to a career in real estate,” says Sanjeev, who spends his free time with family, but loves to read Japanese comic books as a hobby.

The most important moment in his career, says Sanjeev, was when he landed a bus stop advertisement on Windsor Road. “It was during a tough phase in my life, where I had to back myself and no matter what, find a way to succeed,” he says. The ad was a turning point, and coupled with his dedication, Sanjeev built a solid foundation for his business. And that’s why, he says, his one piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs is to ‘Believe and back yourself’.

“Effort will get you recognised in your industry, ethics will keep you there,” he says.

The way I see it

Growth? It is the continual progression and constant improvement towards a worthy goal.

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