‘I vote for safety, empowerment and cultural diversity’

Anchal Agarwal with Matthew Guy and Aravind Putta in Cranbourne

Women from the Indian community in Victoria tell Liberal’s Matthew Guy what they want from their leaders

Leading up to the Victorian state elections in November, what are the issues that affect the Victorian Indian community? What are the issues that matter most to them, and may be the deciding factor in terms of which major party they would vote for?

Neha Soudagar catches up with a few prominent Victorian Indian women who got to interact with Victorian Liberal Leader Hon. Matthew Guy, and finds out the discussions they had with him.

Public Relations—AIFI, AFL Multicultural Ambassador

I met Mr Guy during a networking luncheon in Cranbourne. I found him to be a good listener, and generous with his time. Since I live in Cranbourne, I discussed with him how the massive population growth in the area meant the area needed a massive injection of infrastructure. I raised with him the issue of safety as there is an increase in crime rates across Victoria.

I also told him about the need to develop an Indian cultural precinct in Cranbourne; need for IFFM reforms including fair representation of South Indian cinema; lack of cultural diversity in top corporate and political board appointments; and railway line extension to Clyde.

Fashionista Neelam Rai with Matthew Guy at Victorian Parliament
Fashion Designer, AFL Ambassador—Richmond Tigers

I met Mr Matthew Guy at a dinner meeting at the Victorian Parliament. The issues I discussed with him were mainly crime and safety issues, especially for women and families.

I also thanked him for proposing to nominate Prince Lakshyaraj as Victorian Business Ambassador. The other pertinent issue I discussed was the lack of cultural diversity in the top political and corporate positions, especially the political boards and parliament; and the need for a full time ministerial adviser from the Indian community in the Victorian government.

Hailing from fashion industry I stressed on the need to start a “multicultural window” at the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Also discussed other issues affecting Indian community such as need for IFFM reforms, and more funding and support for Indian temples in Victoria. I found him to be a very attentive listener, and a down to earth person.

Chondryma with Matthew Guy at Victorian Parliament
Project Manager at Accenture, National Finalist—IEC Young Female Executive of the Year 2017

My interaction with Mr Guy at the Victorian Parliament led to a discussion on the key concern of the increase in crime rate in Victoria, and safety for families living in the area.

While talking about women, another key topic I wanted to highlight is the lack of cultural diversity and representation of women from multicultural backgrounds in high positions in Australian business, politics, government, and civil society.

And of course, the fact that we need for a full-time ministerial adviser from the Victorian Indian community.

Priyanka Nomula with Matthew Guy
Business Analyst, AFL Ambassador—Richmond Tigers

It was a pleasure to chat with Mr Guy during a recent dinner event at the Hare Krishna temple. He was rather fascinated with Indian food, and well informed about Indian spices. His knowledge of India was impressive.

Our discussion focused on taxes and the crime rate. We also spoke about women’s empowerment and the need for cultural diversity in top political appointments. He came across as a person with great vision for Victoria. These are the two issues that would help me decide my vote.


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