Liberals to nominate Prince Lakshyaraj as “Victorian Business Ambassador”

Prince Lakshyaraj at ISKCON

A Liberal Nationals government led by Matthew Guy will nominate HH Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar to become a Victorian Business Ambassador.

Prince Lakshyaraj has spent a considerable amount of time in Victoria engaging extensively with the Victorian business community as well as Victoria’s Indian community.

The Victorian Business Ambassador program enlists well known and connected business leaders to assist in promoting Victoria’s trade and investment overseas.

Prince Lakshyaraj was educated in Australia, obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.

Prince Lakshyaraj has been a guest of the Parliament of Victoria, and is also an “Honorary Member” of the Richmond Tigers Football Club.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matthew Guy said, “HH Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar will be an outstanding business ambassador for Victoria. The sooner he is able to advocate for Victoria, the better. India is a vital trading partner for Victoria and the appointment of Prince Lakshyaraj will help better use the links of Victorian’s large Indian community to help provide new business opportunities between Victoria and India.”

Prince Lakshyaraj at Richmond Tigers FC

He added that The Liberals were committed to ensuring Victoria’s strong ties with India are maintained and expanded.

Former ministerial adviser Mr Nitin Gupta, who had hosted Prince Lakshyaraj last year in Melbourne welcomed the announcement by the state opposition leader and hailed it “a positive step in the right direction”. “I hope we do not have to wait till the state elections for this to be implemented, and there would be bi-partisan support for this brilliant initiative,” said Mr Gupta.

ISKCON Volunteer and AIBC Member Mr Darpan Mittal said the announcement brought joy among Krishna devotees in Melbourne as Prince Lakshyaraj is a direct descendant of legendary Krishna devotee “Meera Bai”. During his Melbourne visits, Prince Lakshyaraj always makes it a point to visit ISKCON Temple in Albert Park, said Mr Mittal.

Mrs Pallavee Joshi from Joshi Lawyers said that Prince Lakshyaraj is a direct descendent of iconic luminaries such as Rana Sanga and Maharana Pratap. Hailing from Udaipur, she said she felt a direct connection with the House of Mewar.

“I believe this decision not only recognises the vast contribution of the Indian community in Victoria but also paves the way for bolstering Victoria’s business dialogue and economic ties with India,” she said.

Matthew Guy with Cranbourne Socialite Mr Aravind Putta

Cranbourne socialite Mr Aravind Putta has welcomed the announcement as well. Mr Putta along with Mrs Shilpa Hegde had hosted Prince Lakshyaraj as guest of honour at the second anniversary celebrations of the Selandra Rise Shopping Centre in Cranbourne. “It’s good to have someone like Prince Lakshyaraj as Victoria’s business Ambassador. He is willing to engage with the Victorian Indian community, and to visit suburbs like Cranbourne and Wyndham, where the majority of the Indian community resides,” Mr Putta.

Richmond Tiger ambassadors—Jeyashree Nishtala, Neelam Rai, Parita Vimawala and Roshni Sharma; AIBC Members—Bindiya Bakshi, Sonika Sha, Nithya Remesan and Chondryma Chakrobortti; Ashwin Bora (IAEF); Bhavesh Lakhatariya (Relief Hair Salon); Vikas Gupta (Perfect Group); Cricket Australia Ambassador Dheepa Awtani; Poetess Sonal Sharma; Tripti Gupta (Gurukul); Anchal Agarwal (AIFI); Sidra Jutt (Mrs Pakistan Australia); Vijan Patel (Pentagon Group); and various other prominent Victorian Indians and others have also welcomed the announcement.


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