Enter the ringmaster


High flying stars, candy floss, fabulous Sno cones and a great seat under the circus big top! Enjoy the International show at Circus Royale on now in Cranbourne

The largest circus to tour Victorian centers in 2018 has arrived in Cranbourne for school holidays and the road show cargo includes the dangerous globe of death, motorcycle daredevils, acrobats and glamorous showgirls, magic illusions, spinning cubes, slinkies, contortionists, trapeze artists and Swiss clowns.

Circus Royale is real circus, the way we remember it from our childhood. It’s big, it’s exciting, it’s funny and it’s wonderfully traditional family entertainment. Circus Royale will perform in Cranbourne for three weeks, touring Victoria celebrating 47 years under the big top.

Damian Syred’s sensational Circus Royale is a high-energy family show featuring a new generation of vibrant young performers. Mexican stunt riders, International stars, Swiss clowns and unique circus university trained Aussie youth.

The steel Globe of Death is four metres wide. Motorbikes are manoeuvred around the cage at speeds of up to 80km/h. It’s nail-biting stuff! Siblings Brandon and Hugo Fernandez will risk their lives in the Globe of Death to put on a great show.

Throw in a colourful ringmaster, acrobatic artistry, and tail wagging dogs, along with dancing horses, gorgeous girls and funny clowns. Look out for circus university trained Aussie Kate Martin balancing on the high roller bola.

In another 2018 first, Damian Syred presents Magique—Damian and girls with attitude showcasing their larger-than-life Las Vegas-style illusions. Baby camels, happy tail wagging dogs and cute young stars too—this circus will have kids sitting open-mouthed in wonder.

Circus Royale will be performing under a modern tent in Cranbourne at Cranbourne Home 398 South Gippsland Hwy until 15 April. Bookings on 0410 669 253 or on line at www.circusroyale.com.au. Tickets for the two-hour show are also sold at the tent ticket office on the circus site from 10am each performance day. Ticket prices: Children $15 each, Adults $25 each.


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