Tarneit residents join hands; meet with Cr Gilligan

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Demand more parking spaces and action against those dumping waste illegally

Crime statistics in in the City of Wyndham, where Tarneit is located, have fallen in recent years, although residential aggravated burglaries are on the rise. These kinds of crimes, when a burglar is armed and breaks in knowing a victim is on the premises, leave lasting scars on residents, many of whom struggle to recover after the terrifying ordeal.

Wyndham council has recommended security guards be posted at a Tarneit park that is becoming known for anti-social behaviour and late-night crime.

Main stream media and social media have highlighted the concerns of residents who live in Tarneit and near the Ecoville Community Park, especially since Tarneit is a growing suburb of Melbourne.

Locals here say they are scared to visit the site at night because of large groups of youths who hang out there reportedly seen fighting and carrying weapons.

Drugs and other banned substances are also frequently found at the park, and buildings and play equipment here is often vandalised.

Wyndham police Inspector Marty Allison said officers patrol the streets of Tarneit at night, including near the park, in an effort to boost safety.

Last month, officers arrested a 15-year-old boy at the park, who was charged with robbery and theft.

Inspector Allison said community leaders from the various cultural groups often conducted outreach work at the park to engage with youths.

The local residents of Little Green Estate in Tarneit have joined hands to do their bit to keep their neighbourhood safe. They met with Wyndham Cr Josh Gilligan at a local café and raised concerns about various such as the need for more parking space and more frequent train services.

Cr Gilligan said that there would be no more expansion to the existing facility as there was an allocation for 1,100 cars already. “This is largest in Victoria compared to other suburbs. Tarneit is the second busiest station after Southern Cross,” he said, but added that the Council would concentrate on Davis Road Train Station, as that had 700 car spaces, to split the congestion.

Cr Gilligan had no answers regarding more frequent train services as that it was not a council issue. “There is nothing that can be done regarding the parking fines,” he added. Cr Gilligan though said that he would initiate infringement warnings instead of straight fine to encourage good behaviour.

Cr Gilligan stated that AUD 1.2 billion has been allocated for road widening. “The process will happen in stages and is advised to keep a look out on Vic Roads website for more updates,” he said.

Cr Gilligan also asked residents to take photos of illegal dumping of waste in the area and send it to the council so action can be taken against the perpetrators. “Council officers are patrolling the city to monitor any illegal dumping but are difficult to stop without much evidence,” he added. He also mentioned that Council supports neighbourhood watches in communities through grants.

Club formed

Recently, Anil Fred started a WhatsApp group adding his neighbours and people living in Tarneit. Since then, the group has grown in numbers and had couple of meetings at their local parks and at his residence. The club, which started as neighbourhood awareness program, has started showing interest in other activities like cricket badminton and table tennis. Yoga and cooking classes are also available here.

The club plans to raise money for sporting facilities through membership fees as well as from a government grant.

To be part of the association contact Anil Fred, president, on 0451 208 944


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