Steemit, colour it, live it!


Blockchain is the buzzword, and with it comes Steemit, a new social media platform, where everyone gets paid to post online. Built on blockchain tech, Steemit uses its own cryptocurrency called Steem to reward users who upload articles, images, commentary, etc. When users invest in Steem—the company’s crypto currency—their standing in the Steemit community becomes more powerful. Steem power seems to be gaining traction, and Indians in Australia might want to consider jumping on the bandwagon. The Indian Sun ( is giving it a shot. But fair warning, any decision to invest should be taken after thorough decision and The Indian Sun is not accountable for any losses incurred by investors if they decide to invest in Steem.

That said, while blockchain is ripping through conventional notions of the digital world, here at The Indian Sun, we’ve got new things planned for this year. The launch of our new segment, ‘ACM’ for instance, throwing the spotlight on the local art, culture and music scene.

Dancer, actor, writer, producer Joshinder has joined us as the new art and culture editor. Joshinder started off as a Bollywood dancer/choreographer in 2000, and now lives in Melbourne. She looks forward to being your connect to the cultural pulse of the city.

March is the month of Holi, so get ready to party in technicolour. The Queensland Holi—Festival of Colours, hosted by Indian Cultural & Sports Club Inc. (a not-for-profit organisation) is being celebrated on 3 March from 12pm to 6pm at Rocks Riverside Park, Seventeen Miles Rocks. The event promises to be a lot of fun for families and kids; young and old; absolutely everyone!

While on the multicultural note, good news for the growing Indian community in South Australia, home to people from more than 200 culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse backgrounds. Labor Party leader Jay Weatherill has pledged a multicultural hub for the community. Definitely a bigger than big announcement for the community.

The year’s clearly off to a great start.


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