‘Time we get Indian-Australian elected to State Parliament’

Mahanbir Grewal (addressing the rally)

Mahanbir Grewal on his plans to spread the word about the Labor Party

An engineer by profession and founding president of the Guru Nanak Society of Australia, Mahanbir Grewal says he has been a proud member of the Labor Party for the last five years. “It is after all the oldest political party in the world. Who wouldn’t be honoured to be part of it,” says Grewal.

“We regularly have Labor members of parliament, councillors attend our Gurdwara to meet with members of our community and better understand why the Labor Party is the party that best represents their beliefs and values,” he says.

“I want to change the perception that the Labor Party only comes to town and is active in the regions in the lead up and during the State Election”

Grewal never misses an opportunity to work for the Labor Party, to ensure that there is a Labor presence mainly in the State Electorates of Chaffey and Stuart.

“I had the honour of being pre-selected to represent the Labor Party in the state electorate of Stuart and was able to achieve one of the biggest swings to any Labor Party candidate during the last State Election in 2014. I was also active in promoting our Legislative Council candidates in regional SA, like the Honourable Tung Ngo MLC,” he says.

Grewal says he focused on this because he feels the Labor Party is losing its presence in regional SA, which he explains is evident by the declining Labor vote in the last Federal Election when the Party could not get all its candidates elected to the Senate.

“This was also reflected in the Legislative Council vote, and we worked hard to ensure people in regional SA voted above the line,” he says.

“I want to change the perception that the Labor Party only comes to town and is active in the regions in the lead up and during the State Election,” he adds.

Grewal wears many hats. He is also a founder of the Sikh Games of Australia and served as president from 1988 till 2013. The Games have grown with every edition, and now has over 1,500 people participating in 11 sports.

Not only is he active in the community but Grewal has also made his mark in the business world.

“I know how to run successful business’s and manage a large number of staff. I am proud of the contribution my Grewal family has made in both Stuart and Chaffey,” says Grewal.

Owner/operator of the Standpipe Golf Motor Inn in Port Augusta, Grewal is involved in promoting business investment in the State. He has arranged major delegations to India, led by the Premier and continues to open doors in South Australia for Indian investment.

“We are a proud, multicultural party and have already seen our first Vietnamese-Australian, the Hon. Tung Ngo elected to State Parliament. But the Indian community is growing in South Australia. I believe it is time we get our first Indian-Australian elected to State Parliament,” he says.

If elected as Legislative Councillor, says Grewal, he promises to turn his attention to representing the people of regional South Australia. “The future of our great party relies on committed locals like myself out in regional SA, constantly telling people Labor’s message,” says Grewal.


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