‘When you win a pageant you become a voice for others’

Amit Singh

Amit Singh talks to The Indian Sun about the most influential people in his life… and more

He was Bollywood King-Australia 2016, then Diamond Australia 2017 Runner Up, and now Public Choice Award Winner. The Star Face award 2017 at International film and entertainment festival Australia, Amit Singh is also the Brand Ambassador of Don Bella, a fashion events organisation which supports aspiring models, designers and other industry professionals.

He talks to The Indian Sun about life in the spotlight.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

There are two important people in my life— my father and Ben, my friend (I see him and his family as my family in Australia). He has been a mentor, a role model and inspiration. Both have been the biggest support in my life.

You recently won the ‘Star Face award 2017’ at the International film and entertainment festival Australia awards. Did you expect this?

I still can’t believe I got that award. I am truly humbled that I have been recognised for the work I have done in the entertainment industry over the last couple of years. I want to thank Maxine and the whole IFEFA team from Tamworth, NSW for inviting me and giving me this award. I take all my awards as a responsibility to do more hard work and reach greater heights and keep fuelling my passion.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Working and contributing to various fields that I am passionate about—aerospace engineering and acting/modelling). I would like to contribute to these industries and the wider Australian economy and entertainment industry by creating positive impact in what we do. I believe as being human we have the power to do anything we want as long as we are persistent and believe in ourselves.

What can be your greatest contribution towards the community?

I yearn to create a positive impact and a difference in at least one individual’s life everyday—the contribution may be big or small but I look for that opportunity and that makes my day. I also want to inspire and support others by doing some good movies and other entertainment related projects.

What is your philosophy of life?

My dad has taught me one thing in life—Work hard now, and enjoy yourself later or enjoy yourself now and work for rest of your life. And this statement has stuck in my mind and I am not afraid of doing any sort of hard work as I want to enjoy my old age with my loved ones.

What do you think is the essence of winning a pageant?

The biggest essence of winning a pageant is becoming a voice and inspiration for others.

Define success.

For me success is a moving target, once we achieved success in one thing, we should be looking for what’s next? What’s a higher goal, success is journey of thousand steps and sky is the limit.

What has been the experience being a holder of three pageant titles?

Mesmerising… It was totally a 360 degree turn in my life. A shy, fat guy has suddenly come forward in front of so many people in the best version of himself and got selected for all these pageants and then winning these titles. It’s still like a dream, but definitely a positive and happy life changing experience. Suddenly so many people know me. The love and respect I have received from people all over the world is something very special.


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