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Who's Who of Melbourne's Indian Community 2017
Prema Basoor

Prema Basoor—Executive

Born and raised in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the youngest of six, Prema Basoor showed incredible resilience in following her dream to succeed in a country more than 7,000 km from her place of birth.

Basoor migrated to Sydney in 1988, soon after her Bachelor of Commerce exams. “I had two older brothers who had settled in Sydney who guided me all through,” says Basoor. Her first job was a contract role at a university, to develop a database. “I did several short term courses to increase my chances of employment.”

And it worked because Basoor was soon hired as an analyst at Westpac. “Joining the corporate world was a turning point in my career, and here I was getting to work with the chief economist of one of the largest banks.”

In pursuit of further challenges, Basoor applied to Banker Trust Funds Management (BTFM), the most successful fund manager at the time. “In the seven years I worked there, I rarely saw daylight on a week day. I loved it, and knew this what I was meant to do,” says Basoor.

After stints at ANZ Funds Management, Basoor moved to Melbourne and joined State Street Global Advisors, then moved to Fidelity. Today, as a director in BlackRock, one of the largest fund managers in the world, Basoor fosters business with the largest institutions in Australia. Basoor is also a leader at BlackRock for inclusion and diversity at the workplace. And loving every moment of it.

A different side

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