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Who's Who of Melbourne's Indian Community 2017
Krishna Pandurangi

Krishna Pandurangi—Entrepreneur

Apples and oranges. That’s quite literally the only comparison one can make when one sees the diverse career path that Krishna Pandurangi has traversed from his first job with Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a support analyst to his current one as director at the Melbourne-based Prosumer Group, which deals in the import and export of fruit, nuts and lentils.

“Even though I started my career in Sydney as an IT consultant I’ve always wanted to explore the field of agriculture with a strong sense of being able to create a positive impact on quality consumables,” says Pandurangi.

He found a good friend and business partner in Kiran Dhavala and a great mentor in entrepreneur Hari Yellina. “My urge to discover and learn about the food industry became a reality four years ago. The learnings and ups and downs we’ve seen in this business have moulded us into very efficient and resilient individuals.”

A different side

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