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Who's Who of Melbourne's Indian Community 2017
Sanjeev Gill

Sanjeev Gill—Executive

A dishwasher in 1997, Director of property development company Bricks & Motor & Estate Agent with McGrath Estate Agents in 2017. Twenty years, says Sanjeev Gill, during which he has played various roles from tenant, home owner, investor, landlord, educator, developer and real estate agent. “My passion for real estate started when I saw the family home getting sold to fund my education in Australia. The hunger to rebuild the estate for the family is what has driven me to succeed,” says Gill.

Gill hopped between industries before finding his home in real estate. “I started in the hospitality industry and moved to the hospitality vocational education and training sector. I’ve also worked in various companies in senior management positions,” he says.

Gill was responsible for running one of the largest privately owned RTOs (Carrick Education Group) across four different states and he was Director of International at Swinburne University. Gill saw an opportunity to deliver hospitality customised training solutions and co-founded SILK Education and Training (SILK standing for Skills in Life and Knowledge). Due to the success of SILK, it was bought by large public listed company in 2015.

Over the years Gill has worked with NGOs in India to promote skill development to over 5,000 people. He currently volunteers his time to the Sanctuary Lakes Foundation as a Board Member to assist youth within the Western Region. The Sanctuary Lakes Foundation funds youth to achieve their goals while playing competitive sports.

Gill says he enjoys the process of assisting either individual families or large developers in achieving great results for their properties.

A different side

I believe: Your current reality is old news. It is a physical manifestation of your past thinking. What you focus on/think/feel today will become your future (desired) reality. So choose your thoughts and beliefs carefully. Expectation manifests when desire and belief meet in the same place [John McGrath]

What I love about Australia: Freedom to grow and achieve unlimited dreams

What I love about India: Food, diversity, values and culture

Favourite hang-out in Melbourne: At home

A must-read: Fully Charged by Tom Rath

Advice to entrepreneurs: Be true to your inner self and follow your passion

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