Life in the positive: Power of the collective


World AIDS Day (WAD) is held on 1 December each year to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and its associated issues such as stigma and discrimination. It is also a day to show support for people living with or affected by HIV and to commemorate the many lives that have been lost because of HIV/AIDS.

PEACE Multicultural Services (Relationships Australia, SA) supports and assists individuals, families and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to lead balanced and healthy lives. This is achieved through health promotion, community education, community development and empowerment; counselling/case work and case management.

Every year PEACE focuses on different themes to commemorate WAD; and the theme for this year is ‘Towards making a positive change: The power of the collective!’.

To commemorate WAD 2017, PEACE Multicultural Services produced a music video called “Positive Change”, launched on 23 November by Hon. Tung Ngo MLC. Hon. John Dawkins MLC also attended the event along with over a hundred service providers, community members, school students and teachers. The message of the song highlights the importance of standing with people living with HIV and the role that each individual, communities and different groups can play in addressing stigma and discrimination.

The music video focused on creating messages of hope, love, respect, togetherness and inclusion, and was a collective effort of volunteers and families of those living with HIV. PEACE believes the community has a role to play in achieving the 90:90:90 target and the WAD event creates another opportunity to create more awareness and strengthen collective action and response required if we are to achieve the target.

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