#IECA Finalists—Young Executive [Male & Female]


Winners of IECA 2017 Young Executive category will be announced at Sofitel on Collins on 18 November

RAVI GUPTA [Young Executive—Male]

One of the youngest directors at Reliance Real Estate, Ravi Gupta has led engagements that deliver significant outcomes for the business and its people, adding tremendous value to all the stakeholders. With an uncanny ability to say yes to the most challenging work, appreciate the power of diverse teams and most importantly, lead by example, Gupta knows the art of nurturing relationships that is so important in the real estate business. His motto has always been ‘Magic happens beyond the comfort zone’. Under his leadership, Reliance has become one of the most successful companies in the area in a very short span of time.

Gupta is also a strong supporter of local community music, dance and cultural events.

SUNIL KUMAR [Young Executive—Male]

When he started Reliance Real Estate in 2011, Sunil Kumar was just one of two employees at the real estate firm. In just over six years, Reliance, with its team of 58, has grown into one of the biggest real estate employers in Wyndham, and in 2016 was voted Victoria’s fastest growing independent real estate with its Werribee, Point Cook, HQ, and Melton offices with three more locations having been recently launched. Kumar says his aim is to become the largest independent business employer of the West in the real estate world.

VINOD SOMANI [Young Executive—Male]

Vinod Somani started out in Australia in 2006 as an accountant in sales and merchandising company Strikeforce AMC. Today, as chief financial officer at BWX Limited, Somani is accountable for a team of 17 finance and IT professionals responsible for the management of key financial operations of the company. His milestones at BWX include handling the $54m acquisition of ‘Sukin’ brand, followed by the IPO and listing of BWX on the Australian Securities Exchange, and more recently the $63m acquisition of USA’s leading cosmetic brand Mineral Fusion. He is also a Certified Practicing Accountant and a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK with over 15 years’ experience in the accounting and finance profession.

CHONDRYMA CHAKROBORTI [Young Executive—Female]

Project manager at Accenture,  Chondryma Chakroboti makes a significant contribution every year in managing project delivery, networking with and managing client stakeholders, and upskilling resources, and is a key contributor for generating over $20 million revenue every year for the company. Chakroboti is also an industry mentor, currently helping the TechGirls movement to promote STEM subjects in schools. A “Belonging Ambassador” in Accenture ANZ, promoting diversity Chakroboti is also the solo driver for ANZ Utilities Community for this program. She also received the “Innovator” award last year in Accenture ANZ for inculcating the culture of innovation in young minds.

RANA HUSSAIN [Young Executive—Female]

Rana Hussain has worked at the Richmond Football Club for almost a year and the impact she has had on the business—and the broader AFL industry—has been profound.

As the only practicing female Muslim working at an AFL Club, Hussain has shown tremendous leadership. She has done articles with The Australian newspaper, written columns and done video interviews for the Richmond website. Hussain was one of the key speakers at a Federal Government event launching funding for the Bachar Houli program that works to support young Islamic Australian Rules football players. Hussain has also established a resilience program that she delivers in Muslim schools in Melbourne. She has subsequently developed an outstanding grant proposal to expand the program that currently sits with the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

DR RUCHIKA GUPTA [Young Executive—Female]

The principle dentist and manages Watervale Dental (Taylors Hill), Springs Dental Group (Caroline Springs) and a dental clinic of Melbourne Medical and Dental Clinic (Mill Park), Dr Ruchika Gupta is a target oriented young leader driven by community welfare objectives. Under her leadership, the annual revenue has grown from $111,000 in 2011 to $760,000 in 2016. Her continued vision of delivering quality service and uplifting customer satisfaction has resulted ‘one chair dental business’ to grow and expand into a ‘three-practice business’ in Victoria.


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