Cooking up a storm on the hill

Falls Creek—Week of the season so far!
Fresh Powder

The Blizzard of Oz has covered Falls Creek in a sea of white. So come on over…

Last week brought with it wild storms and significant dumps of fresh snow. After four days of the Blizzard of Oz, Falls Creek had never looked so good with its ‘Japanesesque’ snow-covered slopes. Bluebird skies and warm days followed, but another snow front expected towards the end of this week.

With all this snow fall, Falls Creek’s spring season is set to be one filled with more skiing, snowboarding and general snow play. Spring passes are available to purchase now, giving guests unlimited lift access from 4 September. If you want to extend that winter holiday into spring, click the link below to book

Falls Creek—Week of the season so far!
Eagle Chair

Last week, the local community marked Falls Creek’s 70th Anniversary of Alpine Life and the establishment of the first ever ski lodge, Skyline.

It was the adventurous curiosity of like-minded people who recognised the skiing potential of these snow covered high-plains in the 1940s, that set the foundations of what guests know today as a vibrant European Style Ski Village.

Falls Creek—Week of the season so far!
Hike from Howmans in 1940s style

To honour the early settlers, Falls Creek threw a week-long celebration for guests marking each day with a decade. Activities such as a re-creation walk from Howmans Gap, a 50s style bake sale, 60s cocktails, a 70s style mogul race and night show, an 80s disco, a 90s trivia night and a 21st Century day party at the Corona Bar, created a lot of buzz across the hill.

If you feel that you’ve missed out however never fear as there is always something happening here at Falls Creek!

This week, five-star chef Toby Burrowes is cooking up a storm for dinners at Astra that will surely satisfy any taste buds. Coming from the shores of the UK Toby brings with him mouthwatering contemporary takes on classic European dishes.

Falls Creek—Week of the season so far!
The Maze

As we look ahead this week, snow is predicted to fall through the week, so if you haven’t taken time off this season, or want to come back for seconds, call Carly at our reservations centre 1800 45 35 25 or visit for all the insider deals and advice.

The rest of August and September are set to be huge, so head on up here and we’ll see you on the hill!

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