Greens MP calls for Parramatta Light Rail business case to be made public

Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC

NSW Greens MP and spokesperson for Transport Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC has called on Transport Minister Andrew Constance to make the full business case for Parramatta Light Rail public, after revelations of secrecy surrounding the costing options being considered for the project.

“Here we are again with the now all too familiar pattern of secrecy and cover-ups by this Government. They are trying to hide details of the Parramatta Light Rail project and how it will be paid for. The community deserves to know these details, especially when they might end up paying twice for it,” said Dr. Faruqi. “The full business case for Parramatta Light Rail project must be made public as soon as it is finalised,” she added.

Parramatta Light Rail
Parramatta Light Rail

In August last year, the Government said the $1 billion it has reserved in funds for Parramatta Light Rail will fall short, but has since refused to reveal how the shortfall will be met, said the MP adding that they must make the full business case for this project public, so the community can see the costs and the benefits.

“We have seen this culture of secrecy lead to massive cost blowouts on other transport projects in NSW. If you don’t take the community along from the beginning, you are sending a clear message that they have no say in where and how the taxpayer dollar is spent. Western Sydney deserves affordable and efficient public transport that works for the people who live these,” said Dr. Faruqi.

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