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“Hello, hello. Can anybody hear me?! HELLO!!!? Oh, I’m all alone.”

3 months earlier…

Elle and Maycee where planning their big joint birthday bash, little did they know, birthdays are seen as a fickle and bashes aren’t parties, they’re fights.

“Hey Maycee, are you ready for our party tonight?”

“Yes, girl!”


“See you at school”

As Elle and Maycee ran up to each other some of the jocks, Mario and Matt started to bother them. Maycee did not enjoy being harassed by the biggest douche bags in the school. So, she spoke up.

“Hey, you guys might think it’s funny to annoy Elle and I, but it’s not!! We don’t need you making us fell dumb.”

“Geez we only wanted to come to your joint party.”

“Could have just said so, but whatever.”

“So, we can come?”


Elle and Maycee had a pretty good afternoon after that little mishap. After school Maycee and Elle went back to the barnyard that Elle’s parents got her, for the party. As they were decorating Maycee felt like they were being watched. But Elle told her to stop being paranoid.

After they were done getting the barn all set up, they quickly ran down to Elle’s house to get spare keys as her mum and dad would be out late that night. While they were waiting for everybody to arrive, Maycee said she felt like they were being watched, again. After about 30 to 40 minutes the guests started to show up. Some were super under dressed and some were super over dressed, but the girls didn’t care! They loved that so many people showed up.

The party had been going for about 4 or 5 hours and it was still going strong. But suddenly, Matt and Mario showed up and they seemed like they were totally out of it. Mario couldn’t even walk straight and Matt was about to beat up some poor kid from chess club.

“Mayceeeeeeeeeeeee!” screamed Matt at the top of his lungs.


Maycee was in panic, and didn’t know what to do. So, she walked over to Matt and said, “yes Matt?”

“You don’t know, you won’t know” Matt kept on chanting this until he had everyone’s attention, he screamed at the highest point a baby bird could scream and said, “EVERYONE OUT, NOW!”

That’s when Elle had enough and screamed, “NO MATT, YOU CAN’T TELL US WHAT TO DO!”

That was the biggest mistake of Elle’s life. Matt walked straight up to her and pulled by the hair, throwing her to the ground and said, “Your mum had a child, right? A little boy named Matthew, she gave him up because she couldn’t look after him?”

“Y-e-s,” stuttered Elle, clearly terrified of what was happening.

“Well, I am that little boy, and it just so happens there’s a little hiding spot for you and your pathetic best friend, unless you let Maycee go.

“Of course, I’ll let Maycee go free.”

“Well then, I guess you’re going to be alone for a very, very long time!”

As Matt grabbed Elle by the hair and threw her into the little ditch in the basement she was screaming, “YOU ARE MY BROTHER, AND I STILL LOVE YOU.”


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