I’m rooting for Kangaroo Island. Here’s why

I'm rooting for Kangaroo Island. Here's why
Sand boarding at the Little Sahara Desert

Kangaroo Island isn’t as boring and “outback” as you may think. It surprisingly has a lot of super fun and “kid friendly” features. So, let’s start from the beginning

It was 5:30 am on a Friday. I had a terrible cold and had to wake up at this horrid time, you could imagine what I was going through. I woke up and got ready for some of the longest hours of my life. I started the day with a full to the brim bowl of Nutra grain, unfortunately I couldn’t taste it because of my awful cold. Once we had all our toiletries packed and in the car, we began driving to Cape Jervise, it’s a two-hour drive from I live, making the whole experience that whole lot more tiring. We got there fast though, as my dad is a speedy driver. I was forced to wake up by the terrible weather, and my Mum, she said, “We’re here!” As if she wasn’t bothered by the fact that we just spent two-hours out of the main city. My mum eventually dragged me out of the car. We went to the little café, where you get your boarding passes to enter the ferry. I got a coffee that was too strong, so my mum added eight sugars just to balance out the flavours.

I'm rooting for Kangaroo Island. Here's why
Rainbow across Little Sahara Desert
On the Ferry

Once we were on the Ferry, my Dad told me to put my phone away, in my purse, it was one of the hardest things I had ever done! Luckily, I made it the whole 45 minutes without it. We finally got off the boat and got back into the car for round two of “driving around places you don’t know about”. After what felt like an eternity, we got out of the car and took a two-minute walk to the oyster farm shop. I personally am not a seafood person, this made my food choices extremely low, so I just went with a fizzy apple drink.

Following our seafood brunch, I convinced my parents to take me to the hotel. It took us around three-hours to get to the hotel. We unpacked and cleaned ourselves up a little bit, getting ready to go to seal bay. Seal Bay basically has a bunch of seals that you can just see from the board walk or from a guided tour. We went on the board walk, because we missed the guided tour by like one minute. The seals were really cute and fun to watch, there was one seal that was super close to us and my mum was trying to act like she knew what she was doing, but as soon as it moved she jumped behind my dad…. parents these days. On the way, back we decided to go check out a honey shop, it wasn’t just any honey shop though, it was a Ligurian honey bee shop. I got a lip balm and bees wax, but my parents went all out and bought the honey pack with three different honeys. This shop is pretty dope as kangaroo island is the only place in the whole world with access to the Ligurian honey bee.

I'm rooting for Kangaroo Island. Here's why
Admirals Arch
Back at the hotel

It was about a 15-minute drive back to the hotel, where we got our dinner. I got a potato soup and a giant mushroom, my dad got a bowl of seafood (I personally don’t like seafood as I have already mentioned, making my food choices highly limited) and finally my mum got a giant mushroom as well. Once we all finished eating we headed back to the hotel to go to sleep.

I'm rooting for Kangaroo Island. Here's why
At Maron Bay Cafe
Day 2

Day two started off with my mum and my dad waking up at around 7:30 and me getting up at 8. After we had gotten ready for the day, we took a walk down to the local post office for some brochures, after that we walked another two minutes to the bakery. We drove for roughly an hour and half until we reached the Little Sahara Desert, where we did some sand boarding, I was obviously the best with my dad coming second and without any surprises my mum was the worst. After lunch we decided to go see the Admirals Arch, it was really cold and windy, my mum would not stop yelling “RACHEL STOP JUMPING AROUND! YOU’LL BLOW AWAY!”. All I was thinking was “dude, I am not a baby anymore.” She didn’t care though. After the Admirals Arch, we went to The Remarkable Rocks, where my dad and I kept teasing my mum saying we would jump into the ocean and ridiculous stuff like that. Once we had seen these land marks we all went back to the hotel, where I took a shower while my parents got fish and chips.

I'm rooting for Kangaroo Island. Here's why
Remarkable rock at Kangaroo Island
Day 3

In the morning, we all went to get breakfast from a little café that sold pancakes, meat pies and teas. If you’re wondering, I got the pancakes, my dad got the meat pie and my mum got the tea. After we finished eating we all went to the hotel to do the final tidy. Once the hotel was tidy and the car was packed, we hit the road. After driving for what felt like an eternity we stopped and got down where the ferry would pick us up. Unfortunately we got there a bit early so we had a lot of time to kill. We went into a restaurant, to eat lunch. We finished lunch pretty quick but by the time we were getting out it was time to leave so we hurried over to collect our boarding passes and get a quick tea and coffee. We quickly boarded onto the ferry and got under way. There was a really pretty rainbow that I had to take pictures of, so my dad let me use my phone, just this once. Before I knew it, the ferry had arrived in Cape Jervise. We scurried into the warmth of our car and started our journey home. After two hours of endless driving we arrived home, I opened the door and I felt like I had never left, aside from the cold air that was now inside my house, but I mean home is home because it’s not perfect.


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