When migrants make a mark


The Census 2016 data that was recently published has thrown up some interesting information regarding the country’s migrant mix—with more than 25 per cent of Australia’s population born overseas, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It’s been a known fact that over the past decade, the number of Australian residents born overseas has continued to increase. But in a rather surprising statistic, it appears that those born in India and China have both more than doubled in this time. In fact, the data also indicates that the number of Australian residents born in neighbouring Asian countries had the largest growth in the past year—Japan, for instance at 24 per cent, China at 8 per cent and India not far behind at 6 per cent.

But it isn’t just the numbers that make the whole story, they’re just the headlines. The real stories are of the migrants who have come to Australia with nothing more than the clothes on their back and have gone on to build on their dreams, see their vision through, in various professions and businesses.

One such story is that of Sunil Kumar, who came Down Under to study Professional Accounting, then slog it out for endless hours as a door to door salesman before growing into one of Australia’s largest real estate businesses. His path wasn’t easy, there were times when he saw his dreams come crashing down, but he always managed to dust himself off and get right back in the game. Has it paid off? Well, in 2016, Reliance Real Estate was named Australia’s 43rd fastest growing company in Financial Review’s BRW Fast 100, which also outlined them as Australia’s fastest growing independent real estate company.

This year, they company bagged the ARERA 2017 Rising Star Agency of the Year, Vic Agent of the Year and Sales Performers of the Year.

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