Record label takes Afghan music across the globe


Independent record label and entertainment media organisation Afghan Smart was established in 2009 by Obaid Bunyad in the UK. In 2014 Obaid partnered with Mohammad Tamim Tanin, expanding the label’s presence to Afghanistan.

Obaid believes in promoting new Afghan talent, and taking their music across the world. Today the music label has ventured into not only acquiring soundtracks but music videos as well.

Afghan Smart is also associated with producing music recordings and music videos.

With the official YouTube channel at over 33 million views, the label is seen as the fastest growing record label of Afghanistan. Afghan Smart does not exclude any rights in respect of services under the UK Consumer Law. Therefore clients are given awareness of their rights and claims of their work being marketed.

Afghan Smart has media partners in Afghanistan, which include Afrang Media, AVA Elite and 1TV Kabul.


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