Did you know that every snowflake is different?

It's a winter white start for the ski resorts on the first official weekend of the snow season. Overnight temperatures dipped to minus 7C, with natural snow & snowmaking running at full capacity all weekend. At Falls Creek snowplay have been the order of the day. Two year old Ted Phillips with brother Harry 6, enjoyed tobogganing at Falls Creek today. Anthony O'Shea of Falls Creek Ski Lifts said: 'We had fresh snow falling on the official opening day of the season as if on cue, with 5cm of natural snow on the ground at Falls Creek. We followed up yesterday’s snow showers with a huge night of snowmaking, producing literally thousands of truckloads of snow on some of our most popular terrain. If we have similar cold temperatures and low humidity tonight, we will be very close to opening some terrain for beginner skiing and snowboarding, perhaps as early as tomorrow. There’s huge excitement about the season ahead up here on the mountain. Right now, the focus is on the school holidays later this month, with some very promising storms forecast in the lead up. The weather models are starting to show what could be a major snow event developing in the week of the Winter Solstice which would really kick our winter off with a bang. If you live in the region, try to sneak up for a day to take advantage of the great deals and low crowds ahead of the school holidays. Early season is the perfect time to learn to ski or snowboard, and get your game in shape for all the fun to come over the rest of the season

Now if you really think about it—it’s quite amazing. And here we are again nearly at the beginning of the snow season. Last year we introduced you to Hotham and Falls—this year the two mountains are ready to take you on another journey, into the world of skiing and snowboarding, a world of pristine scenery, a magical place where every snowflake that falls is different.

We will also be hearing more from Mt Buller, which is situated closer to Melbourne and has its own diverse range of activities, splendours and excitement to add to the mix. Mt Stirling will also be on the radar, a mountain which is known as an adventure playground. We all know Australia is a fantastic country, but I think us Victorians have it over the other states in so many ways, including our amazing weather, where we get all four seasons in one day.

This month we are ramping up the noise on snow. However, in order to play at the snow we need to know and practise some really important safety aspects. We need to know about chains and how to fit them. We need to make sure our vehicle is prepared for the trip to the snow—with good tyres and sound brakes.

Oh, and remember if you are cold you are not going to be happy. You can hire clothes, but you still need to bring under garments with you and if your feet are not happy, I can guarantee your day will be spoiled. We’re going to be giving lots of tips about how to dress for the snow, drive, be safe and then it becomes a “no brainer” and you’ll enjoy the day or days you spend at the snow.

Shreya in Sydney has been busy in Port Stephens. Well she said she was busy, but the photos look like she was having way too much fun.

During the ski season, I will be running a competition to the snow. More details to come on how to enter, with a four-day, trip to the snow for four people. Just one catch—you’ll have me there with you as your host ensuring you get the most out of the trip. All clothing, accommodation, equipment hire and ski passes will be provided. So, if snowflakes are your thing—watch out for the details… In the meantime, I wish you all a happy winter!

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