‘I have always loved entertaining people’

Dorian Tisato

From starring in music videos to being a radio presenter, Dorian Tisato on why he simply loves following the mike

For the past five years, Dorian Tisato, 28, has had what some would call a rollercoaster ride within the media ranging from radio broadcasting, news reading, public emceeing, professional acting and modelling. What sets Dorian apart from a lot of other people is his passion for creativity and performing, even before he went to school.

“From a young age, I have always loved entertaining people,” says Dorian, now in the final year of his double degree in Journalism and Writing & Creative Communication at the University of South Australia. From the moment he was accepted into this degree, a chain of events set off in Dorian’s life that opened more doors that might have remained closed. Starting with his love for radio.

“There’s something so thrilling and exciting about being behind a microphone and keeping people up to date with what’s happening,” he says.

For quite some time, Dorian was the face of Journalism at the University of South Australia. What followed from this was an acceptance as a volunteer into community radio Fresh 92.7 in Adelaide. For the last four years he was worked in several departments including news reading, producing, marketing, digital media and promotions.


And a second foreshadow followed from this when Dorian attended a local Adelaide Fashion event called Fresh Fashion Friday (now Fashion First). While attending, Dorian discovered a flyer from FTM Model Management looking for male and female models.

While attending their six-week course, Dorian was taught under the tutelage of Nick Kennett, Sarika Young and Peter Marchal Bloom how to behave professionally and ethically when you are on a shoot, catwalk and when talking with clients.

What followed from this was an unexpected and exciting opportunity to star in a music video as the lead role in Ummet Ozcan’s “Stars”.

While attending FTM’s Halloween Party in 2015, Dorian’s life took another turn when he met Nick Buckland and Carina Gunn from AAA Talent Agency. Yet another foreshadow for even more success in Dorian’s life.

After attending their Essence of Acting Course, Dorian auditioned for a web series called ‘Get Prepped’ about four people prepping for the end of the world.

Dorian successfully received the role of Jasper. The web series itself has received recognition and acclaim internationally. Be sure to check it out. 

The Get Prepped Web Series Is An Uncommon Take On Preppers

While acting is exciting, Dorian’s passion for media burned like an inferno. Eventually deciding to try public emceeing, Dorian decided to apply for the role as MC for Fashion First 2016 and is now hooked.

What followed included working with Hush Dolls and Warriors Way (in conjunction with Fox Sports) for the 2016 Ring Card Girl Competition. This allowed Dorian to have more freedom with his creativity and become the announcer he had always wanted to be: Fun, Fresh and Friendly.

“It was an experience like no other; I had so many fond memories of working with Hush Dolls and Warriors Way,” says Dorian.

What the future holds for Dorian is to be determined, but it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

“My career will never be defined in a common category; call it versatile,” he says.


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