Adelaide Nepal helps community members find voice, jobs

Gokul Dhakal

Adelaide Nepal was founded by Gokul Dhakal and his team of enthusiastic volunteers, in November 2016, with the aim of helping and serving the Nepali community.

“We were in desperate need of a community organisation here in Adelaide which would make our voices heard and link members together,” says Dhakal. “The world is developing rapidly and people are moving away from their roots, especially when they have settled in a foreign land,” he adds.

Adelaide Nepal, in a broader sense, is trying to work as a helpline to people in need of employment, counselling, and charity. The organisation regularly distributes food to international students, as well as helps them find accommodation.

Adelaide Nepal also organises the “Grace Dance with Adelaide Nepal” dance classes every Sunday.

Contact 0404 224 425 or for more information.


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