Synergise, energise




Vijeth Shetty came to Australia to work on a 4G build in Melbourne. “Australia was never on my mind as a place to settle down. Within a week of landing my job, they put me on a flight to Melbourne.”

He believes that Australia is still new to the migrant population unlike the US. “I think it will be at least two generations before we get to where the US is right now. But this also means there are plenty of opportunities afoot.”

He, along with partner Ashwin Bora, set up the India Australia Exchange Fourm (IAEF) to initiate cross-country ties. “Australia is not a manufacturing hub, but there are intellectual properties here. It has one of the best solar, river-cleaning, geo-synthetic and farming technology that could help farmers in India where there is a drought. There are so many intangible things that can be given to India. This is what IAEF is working on.”

On another level, they work on promoting culture, for instance the International Yoga day celebrations in Parliament they helped organise. They are also working on a way to bring Indian associations together under one umbrella. “We are trying to synergise the energy.”

The company has some strong links with India and hopes to translate the contributions from Australia into real effect on the ground.


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