Winning smiles




The first years in Melbourne were a trial by fire for Ved. “Those years changed me forever. I did a lot of small jobs to support myself. It made me resilient,” he says, who landed in Melbourne in 2001.

When he graduated, he decided to get back to dentistry and got a licence to practice in Australia.

“After I got married, I came back to Melbourne with my wife Priyanka. We had nothing more than a hope and a dream to make it big in dentistry and to create a life for ourselves,” he says.

“Healthy Smiles dental group was our baby. It began as a single chair practice that gradually grew into the multi-million dollar business it is today. It is now part of BUPA dental,” says Ved, with a smile.

“My practice is one of the few at the forefront of digital change. We practice microscopic dentistry with live video feed of our proceedings,” he says.

“Success lies in never taking no for an answer. I have faced racism, but whenever I take two steps back, I take four steps forward,” says Ved, and adds that his family is his bedrock.

Ved is also involved in community projects, and is a member of his local Rotary club.


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