Addicted to growth




Sunil Kumar is the managing director of Reliance Real Estate (established 2011).

Sunil got the idea of starting Reliance Real Estate (RRE) when he realised that the company he was working in was letting good potential for growth go to nothing. “For me, it was about growth. I was addicted to growth. And they did not encourage it. I wanted to start something that would grow as a company and people as well. That is why we called it Reliance,” he says.

“The motto at our company is to make people better so we can keep improving our services. My aim is to create more leaders in the property business and to empower people to take on bigger challenges.”

Sunil is very proud of the fact that at a time when real estate is supposed to be doing badly, his company has expanded. Reliance has four offices now, the latest being in Tarneit and Melton.

“We’ve also started Reliance Foundation, where once a month, we work for a non-profit organisation. We cook for people and distribute food in the evening. We also run blood donation camps so we are able to give back to society.”

Sunil is glad that he moved to Melbourne. “It is truly the most liveable society and I love that it’s so multi-cultural.”


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