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Son of an estate manager and headmistress, Malaysian-born Siva Sadasivam runs a successful city-based accounting firm in Melbourne. He is a member of La Trobe alumni and a Fellow at the Institute of Public Accounts (FIPA).

Siva started his practise as a professional accountant with South Melbourne firm TBW Accounting & Consulting, where he spent 14 years before opening his own accounting firm, D’Omkara Accountants, which provides financial and personalised advice to entrepreneurs, SMEs and specialist industries, integrating between accounting, tax and company secretarial functions.

Siva is also instrumental in bringing many qualified professionals to Australia. His firm maintains close business ties with Malaysian corporate clients and professionals, with the intention of setting up businesses in Australia.

He lives by the motto, “All things are possible, until they are proved impossible. Even the impossible may only be so for now”.

Armed with this motto, and his will to innovate, he started his own IT business, and is CEO of D’Omkara IT Consulting Pty Ltd, a company that deals with IT infrastructure consulting.

Siva is driven by the belief that “one must give back to the society one lives in”.


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