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Goldy Sharma took the step into real estate on the insistence of his brother Neeraj Sharma, who saw a potential in him. He is currently a real estate ace with the Goldbank Real Estate group. He has been in the industry since 2009.

However, it was not a straight road to where he is now. “My first challenge was language and then came adjusting to the cultural differences.”

When Goldy came to Australia in the late 90s it was only after meeting his life partner Leah that he decided to make the country his permanent home.

“My first job was as a kitchen hand at an Indian restaurant in Sydney,” he says, adding that he got his first break with one of his friends who ran a real estate agency in Caroline Springs.

Goldbank Real Estate specialises in land acquisition, property subdivisions, sale of lifestyle properties and various other commercial aspects of real estate.

“In business there are challenges every day but I am a firm believer that the moment you stop accepting challenges is the moment you stop moving forward.”

So why does he like Melbourne? “I call Melbourne the land of opportunity, and the migrant community is making a difference.”


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