A plateful of hospitality




Inspiration and hard work have always gone hand in hand for Eshwar Lakawath.

His very first years in Melbourne were spent with friends who introduced him to Malayali cuisine. It sparked a love of food which led to his interest in hospitality, and the opening of Ghazal—one of the first Indian restaurants to open in Werribee—in 2010.

Eshwar worked multiple jobs while doing his Master’s in Melbourne. When he graduated, he went back to India and worked there for a year. He came back to Melbourne as a married man. “My wife worked for GE and I worked at an IT firm and an insurance company,” he says.

Once he had enough money, along with Rajan Chopra, he ventured into education and established St. Peter’s Institute. They received their licence to operate in 2009.

“It was challenging as there were huge investments involved. My wife, brother and parents were my pillars,” says Eshwar.

They started with one campus and 180 students, which has now grown to two campuses and 900 students from 43 countries. “We always believed in our hard work and being compliant in the industry,” says Eshwar, adding he and Rajan are looking to open two more campuses in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.


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