Celebrating a leap of faith


Lata Sharma worked in the ANZ bank for seven and half years and with no business background took a leap of faith, starting her own business. While the company was competing with the existing, long term Australian giants in the home textiles/fashion industry, Lata found herself thrown in the deep end, having to learn everything on the job. “I am never afraid of putting in hard work,” says Lata, who has helmed the Golden Warp to phenomenal success.

It was clearly this mantra that saw her take home the award of Female Executive of the Year at the sixth edition of the Indian Executive Club awards in November.

The awards celebrate flourishing businesses and the people who groomed, nurtured and grew them. It’s a night in November when the Who’s Who of the business world in the Indian Australian community come together to honour those among them who have achieved success over the years. In this issue, you will get to read about all the people who have made a mark for themselves in Australian society.

The other winner of the night, Suresh Padmanabhan, the founder of REACH for Training, took the award for the the Small Business category for his vision to educate disadvantaged Australians. Since its inception as a small business entity in 2001, in 15 years, REACH has literally reached out to set up offices in NSW, ACT, QLD, and WA, averaging over 2000 students across three states in Australia and internationally.

For Suresh, there is only one philosophy to success and that is to turn challenges to opportunities, an ideology that would keep us all in good stead. And perhaps help many more entrepreneurs shine in the year to come.

A thought to keep you going through the Christmas season and through 2017.

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