Mentor, manager, risk-taker


Vijan Patel is one of the three finalists in the executive male category for IEC Awards. The winner will be announced on 19th November at a Gala dinner in Sofitel

Vijan Patel oversees the operation of IGA Ravenswood, Quest Launceston and Pentagon Group in Tasmania and Victoria. His role as mentor and manager to his staff of 12 full time and 50 casual employees is imperative to the success and longevity of all three businesses.

Through years of experience Vijan learned that the key to a successful business is creating a team that will work together to achieve higher goals. This type of leadership has resulted in his staff achieving their personal and professional goals in a nurturing environment which supports the overall business performance.

“Communication, weekly meetings, and staff rewards are all part of my strategy to inspire my staff,” says Vijan. His team remains committed and inspired by Vijan’s infectious enthusiasm to reach the unlimited potential of the business.

Quest Launceston and IGA Ravenswood that Vijan currently operates were on the brink of financial disaster when purchased. “One of my strengths is that I know when a business risk is a sound investment,” says Vijan.

Having travelled the world and owned many different types of business Vijan is very open-minded, has a multi-cultural staff base and understands the complex needs of his clientele. He commits to and stands by going above and beyond for every customer and supports every staff member that shares that vision.

Thanks to Vijan’s leadership, Quest Launceston, after years of financial strain, has produced the highest profit in its history, smashing budgets and impressing the National Franchise. Pentagon Group, a boutique property development firm in Australia, has seen great success in development.

IGA Ravenswood was a dilapidated, neglected supermarket, which Vijan modernised inside and out, and produced an 80% growth in the first year of operations. Ravenswood is in a lower economic demographic with many elderly and disadvantaged families. Vijan provides special dietary requests, free home delivery and supports the local primary school breakfast program which for some children is the only food they will eat for the day.


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