Ahead in the cloud


Roshan Sathaar is one of the three finalists in the micro business category for IEC Awards. The winner will be announced on 19th November at a Gala dinner in Sofitel

In a nut-shell, says founder Roshan Sathaar, Evocate provides professional services for software/product development. “But we also have a set of proprietary software products to our name.”

The software development house specialises in projects that involve the Microsoft stack of cloud products, primarily SharePoint online, Dynamics CRM and Office 365. As one of two SharePoint consulting companies that are on the Victorian Government E-panel, Evocate has a very strong hold on their niche market. They have alliance partnerships with Dell Software (Asia, Pacific and Japan) and JB-Hi Fi Solutions. As alliance partners there is a two-way mutual augmentation of offerings, which aides all parties in providing turnkey IT projects (software and hardware) for clients.

In addition to this, Evocate has launched a number of products in the document management space.

The company was conceptualised in 2009 and has had a lot of growing pains and obstacles. “When I got started, the company was no more than a single laptop and a desk in my lounge at home. One of the first major obstacles to business came early on and involved Intellectual Property ownership rights, and we found ourselves in dispute with a large Melbourne-based software development company but came out on top,” says Sathaar. “By the second year of operations the team had grown by 100% to two,” he laughs.

The multi-member Evocate team—incidentally on a massive recruitment drive—now engages a business coach to make sure they stay on an aggressive growth curve. Earlier this year, Evocate opened offices across the East Coast, and the company now has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. They are on target to finally cross their first elusive million in turnover this fiscal year.


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