Ahead of the curve


Vijan Patel is one of the three finalists in the small business category for IEC Awards. The winner will be announced on 19th November at a Gala dinner in Sofitel

The Pentagon Group is an Australian boutique investment management advisory firm that specialises in residential real estate, hotel management, and retail services, as well as whole operations management.

Their key strengths include project planning and strategy; financial assessment; financing investment; property purchase; property and project management; and portfolio growth.

“We concern ourselves with all levels of project planning including operative, tactical and institutional levels, which enables significant interaction between these aspects. We plan and strategise with the goal of setting a direction that contributes to the overall success of your investment within its environment,” says Vijan Patel, who oversees the operations of Pentagon Group in Tasmania and Victoria.

“We take pride in our status as a boutique firm because we are able to provide specialised services in traditional and non-traditional markets. We are well known in the residential, retail and hotel sectors; in the mobile accessories and tobacco wholesale sectors; and in the commercial investment sector for our cost-efficient, results-effective, and client-responsive solutions,” he adds.

“You can rely on our team’s deeper understanding of your history, investment philosophy, and risk tolerance, among other factors prior to making any investment decision with us,” he says and adds that the property investment guides assigned to every case ensure every requirement is met, no matter how demanding and complex.

Vijan is a great supporter of local organisations and charities and has been involved in many different events to give back to the community at large. Some of the initiatives include the Ravenswood Neighborhood House and Primary school Breakfast program; CanTees Australia Charity; Make a wish Foundation; Salvation Army; and Tasmanian Hospitality Association.


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