Diwali Mela at Federation Square This Saturday


Australia’s biggest Diwali celebrations will happen on Saturday 22 October at the Federation Square in Melbourne


It gives me immense pleasure in presenting the 11th program of the ‘Victorian Festival of Diwali’ at the home of Australian footy, AFL House in Docklands.

‘Diwali or Deepavali’ in Sanskrit language means a row of lamps and it is a symbol of togetherness and unity while removing the darkness by bringing the light of hope and wisdom in our lives. This thousands of years old tradition of lighting the row of lamps as the guiding light has become even more relevant today than ever before.

Over the years, our Diwali programs have been based on these ancient principals as we have tried to spread the joy and bring people together from all walks of life and communities.

This year, the festival will be celebrated over six days with many entertaining events in CBD.


On 22nd October, Federation Square will totally immerse in the rich colors of India. We will take you on a magical journey of India through the cinema, classical, folk and Bollywood dances, beats of the Indian drums and soul stirring music.

We will also be showcasing how Diwali is celebrated in some parts of India along with a huge display of Rangoli, the ancient Indian floor art.

We are delighted to host Mr. Trilok Soni, a National Award winning artist from India, who will exhibit and demonstrate the ancient Indian miniature art called ‘Pichhwai’. A real treat for all art lovers!

Partnering with World Singing Foundation for the World Singing Day, there will be the biggest sing-along item at Federation Square. This flagship presentation will be streamed live around 7 continents.

It is heartwarming to have the ongoing support of the Governments of Victoria, India and Council of Melbourne as well as our sponsors and organisations like AFL, Metro, MB Films and our charity partner, White Ribbon.

It makes me very proud to say that our family of Celebrate India along with our talented group of artists from various communities are working tirelessly to present this exhilarating program again this year.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Fed Square on 22nd October.

Shubh Diwali!




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