Indian tractor giant Mahindra rolls out mForce in Australia


Indian tractor giant Mahindra recently rolled out new models to the Australian market, among them the 73 kilowatt—or 100 horsepower—mForce 100P, which the company calls a “premium tractor offering versatility with top-of-the-line performance”.

According to a release from the company the mForce is “built to last, with the strength to handle any load a farmer can throw at it”.

With this new line, Mahindra is entering the high volume commercial segment of the Australian market. The 100P has been on sale in the USA and New Zealand with success in those markets.

Road speed is 40 kilometres an hour and the mForce has 3110kg ball-end linkage lift capacity and a genuine 1100kg SWL, self-leveling loader fitted with a 4-in-1 bucket, giving what Mahindra calls, “more bang for your buck when it comes to heavy lifting capacity”.

The outfit comes with 18.4 x 34 rears & 13.6 x 24 radials and weighs in at 3685kg all up.

The loader is fitted with a quick hitch and can be easily installed and removed with just two pins and four quick hydraulic couplers enabling switching from buckets to pallet forks or bale spikes easily.


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