Modi Supporters Australia launched on Indian PM’s birthday

Modi Supporters Australia launched on Indian PM’s birthday

Group to campaign for Narendra Modi to be re-elected in 2019 General Elections

Amidst the pageantry, the Indian diaspora in two cities of Melbourne and Brisbane along with hundreds of enthusiastic supporters celebrated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 66th birthday by launching the Modi Supporters Australia Inc (MSA), a group that plans to campaign for the political leader in the General Elections of 2019.

The MSA group with its single point agenda wants to see Modi as PM of India in 2019 and has launched the trending slogan #MODIfor2019. The launch started through traditional lighting of lamp and prayers for the PM’s long and healthy life followed by soulful singing of Sanskrit hymns.


Photo caption: MSG Team QLD; [Top] MSG Team Victoria

The MSA launch received congratulatory video messages from Indian Parliamentarians such as Paresh Rawal, who highlighted the team’s credentials in running the famous Modi Express train, and Devusinh Jesingbhai Chauhan who congratulated MSA for leading the way for GE2019 campaign for Modi.

“Respect, equality, and diversity are what is lacking with most political parties, organisations and their “friends”. This is what is dividing the Indian diaspora overseas. There is a lot to learn from India’s new-age Prime Minister, from his vision and his style of governance,” Kunal Mehta in his welcome remarks in Melbourne.

“MSA is not associated with political parties. It is an amalgamation of the top talent from the same team that ran Modi Express in Australia in November 2014,” he added.


Photo caption: All cultures and races wishing Modi a happy birthday

Akashika Mohla from Brisbane, Queensland, said the Prime Minister of India’s long efforts to restore India as the “Sone Ki Chidiya” of our times was evident. “Research has shown that India will be the world’s largest economy by 2050, with its GDP estimated to be $85.97 trillion. Today, India is stronger because of Narendra Modi’s leadership,” said Mohla.

“During his visit for G20 in 2014, I asked for NRI voting rights, and he fulfilled that. With MSA, I want to be sure that we as Indians overseas work towards one India,” added Mohla.

“Today, in Australia, India’s image is deteriorating due to negative influence of other fans and friends, creating disparity and division in the realms of personal interests. We hope we can provide one umbrella for the 2019 elections. For me, it will be #Modifor2019,” said Nirav Tripathi.

“Our agenda is merely to spread oneness in true spirit of friendship as “One India” as we see it through Modi’s eyes. #MODIfor2019 highlights the organisation’s single point motto of having Modi re-elected as PM of India in 2019,” said Prajesh Goswami in his vote of thanks.


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