‘Volunteering is good for society and one’s own well-being too’

Volunteering is good for society and one’s own well-being too

Afghan teacher Rabia Safa nominated for Casey Volunteer award

A fantastic example of a role model in the Afghan community, Rabia Safa was employed as a prep teacher for the Andisha Dari School as of mid-2012 on a voluntary basis. Her focus from the get go was to create maximum value and impact by providing professional individuals in the field of education in the community with practical skills and knowledge so they in turn can positively impact the communities they serve.

Rabia was recently nominated for the Casey Volunteer award 2016 on behalf of the Afghan community along with other fantastic volunteers from other communities. It was a truly proud nomination for the entire Afghan community.

“I am always ready to share my experience with other wonderful volunteers within the society,” says Rabia. She believes that while on the one hand volunteering helps others it also improves one’s own emotional well-being. “To be honest, contributing to society makes us feel very lucky. It is an experience which is both challenging and fun and has an impact,” she adds.

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