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Munish Grover Charted accountants in Australia
Munish Grover Charted accountants in Australia


Munish Grover comes from a family of tax advisors and is no novice in this field. With 22 years of experience in accounting and tax, in the business services and audit sectors under his belt, Munish’s clients come from all walks of the business community that include importers, wholesalers and retailers, property developers, real estate agents, hotels and rental apartment operators and a whole gamut of restaurants, cafés and bakers including food franchisees. Then there are book retailers, transport and logistics companies, sales and marketing agencies and news agency operators. His services are also availed by professionals such as doctors including GPs, dentists, medical specialists and nurses, information technology consultants, mortgage brokers and high net-worth individuals. Newspaper publishers, banks, charitable and not-for- profit organisations, manufacturers in textiles, spinning, paper, steel, auto and bicycle parts industries are some of the other areas in which he has experience working with clients.

Munish migrated to Australia in 2004 leaving behind a lucrative Chartered Accountant’s practice in Ludhiana (India). He started working as the Business Services and Audit Manager for one of the oldest Chartered Accountants’ firms in Australia. Due to his great business acumen, skills and experience and the strong rapport that he had built with the clients, the firm offered him a partnership which he accepted.

However, this transition to a new country was not without its own trials and tribulations. Munish says that moving to a new country with a young family and adapting to the working culture here was quite a challenge. His Indian Chartered Accountant qualification was not recognised when he first moved here and had to re-do the entire Chartered Accountants program from the Institute of Chartered accountants in Australia. Today apart from holding a bachelor’s degree is Commerce and being a registered tax agent, he is also a member of both the Australian and Indian Institutes of Chartered Accountants.

In 2010 Munish decided to start his own accounting practice, and for the past six years, GM & Co. Pty Ltd, a firm of Chartered Accountants, owned and operated by Munish has been offering accounting and tax related advice and compliance services to Australians from different areas of the business. When asked what his most rewarding moments were, Munish replied, “When I completed the Indian and Australian Chartered Accountants programs and also when I was offered partnership in one of the oldest Chartered Accountants firms in Australia”. This is not only a testament to his talents and capabilities and but also shows how well he had adapted to the working culture in Australia.

During his leisure time, Munish enjoys playing and watching cricket and is the Treasurer of his local cricket club. His interests also include flying kites, which he says can be quite competitive at times. The simple motto that governs his professional life is “Through Duty to Glory”.

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