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Sewa Singh —  not just a mortgage professional but a mortgage mentor

After completing his MBA in Finance and working in the private sector for a couple of years in India, Sewa Singh came to Australia in 1999. It was a trying personal experience while buying his first family home that encouraged him to become a mortgage professional. He and his wife faced numerous problems while making decisions about the right loan as there were many different ones in the market with different interest rates and different lender requirements.

There was no guidance of any kind, which left them totally confused. Though they were able to get a loan after many hassles and few setbacks, it was an eye opener. Sewa Singh realised that there was a need for a mechanism to reduce unnecessary confusion, unwanted hassles and the ensuing stress for home buyers and investors. While the clients channelized their energy into finding a place of their choice, the professionals were to take care of the other formalities. And this insight led to the creation of Reliance Home Loans in 2003.

Sewa Singh has always enjoyed working with people and loved sharing ways of making numbers work. Reliance Home Loans is in the business of assisting first home buyers and investors with their mortgage needs. Specialising in home loans, investment loans, business loans, debt consolidation, construction loans, motor vehicle loans and equipment finance for small and medium businesses, the company makes it a point to know all about the dynamic home loans industry in Australia. They analyse trends, study changing criteria and have a better understanding of what buyers need and what lenders require. It helps them offer expert advice to clients, saving them valuable time and resources.

Successful mortgage professionals pride themselves in getting deals approved, excellent submission quality, consistent high conversions, happy clients and Reliance Home Loans is proud that they are no different from the league of these professionals.

“My professional qualifications—Bachelor in Commerce, MBA in Finance and Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management—have added impetus to what I have learnt from clients and industry stalwarts in the last 15 years in the industry,” says Sewa. “My professional life has been rife with challenges especially with a young family and limited finances in the initial stages of setting up of the business. Support from my wife in those times carried me through and we are here for more than 13 years having served more than 1,000 proud home owners and investors,” he adds.

His most rewarding moments have been the excitement experienced by his clients on knowing about the approval of their loan and the building of long-term relationships and friendships.

Reliance Home Loans follows the simple motto of “Assist first home buyers and investors in their journey towards home ownership and wealth creation by providing the best suitable solution based on knowledge and experience”. They acknowledge that clients are their strength and champions. The growth and success of their business is based on referrals and their happy clients who keep them busy by referring their family and friends and the chain continues to grow.

Sewa Singh’s belief in the mortgage broking industry and faith in mortgage professionals emboldened him to become a certified mentor for new entrants to the industry and to share the knowledge that he had acquired over the years.Mortgage broking is not only about aligning borrower’s needs with a mortgage, it’s also about having an analytical understanding of numbers, structuring, engineering and thinking outside the squares.  He says, “We are always on a see-saw, trying to balance clients’ expectations and lenders requirements.”

Sewa Singh supports the community whenever possible in promoting Indian culture and medical research. In his free time, he indulges in various adventure sports and is an avid trekker and camper.

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