Cr Khan gets clean chit from Council

Cr Khan gets clean chit from Council


“Faceless, racist pussy”: Three words uttered by Cr Intaj Khan’s former Social Media administrator evoked a sharp response from the Wyndham community over a debate around Intaj Khan’s personal residence.  These three words landed the councillor in hot soup. Cr Khan had to take control of his Facebook account after the fracas over comments made by his administrator against his critics. The Wyndham City Council has given Cr Khan a clean chit over the heated dialogue on Facebook over his proposed new residence.

“I’m ok with what they say about my new house. I’m more worried about the divide in the community. I want to extend an invitation to the leader of this pack to come and have coffee with me so we can sort out issues. I’m ready to listen. Does he want me to change the architecture of my house? I’m ready for it. I don’t know what his problem is.” Cr Khan told The Indian Sun following the endless discussions over the new mansion planned.

Wyndham councillor Intaj Khan unveiled plans for a 2400-square-metre 14-bedroom mansion, the largest residential property in Wyndham and possibly in the west. Cr Khan, founder and chief executive of the Western Institute of Technology, has estimated that when complete, the Mansion, with its helipad and tennis court, will be valued at $9.5 million.

The property, which Cr Khan calls, “a tribute to Wyndham”, on a four-hectare block at Derrimut Road will include indoor and outdoor swimming pool, movie theatre, gym, seven-car garage, two meeting rooms, two lounge rooms, and a library.

Council’s clean chit to Cr Khan has left some in the community red-faced. “He became a public figure the moment he became a councillor. He needs to be fully accountable for what is being said,” Michael Young, a Wyndham resident told the Star Weekly.

“Alan Brown’ I believe is a fake Facebook account set up by my detractors. If they are real, they should come to Coffee Club and have a chat with me. Let’s talk. Isn’t that what democracy is about,” asked Cr Khan, who proposed 29 May as a time for the discussion.

Council chief executive Kelly Grigsby told The Star Weekly that the investigation into comments made from Cr Khan’s account had been concluded and no further action would be taken.

“There’s uncertainty as to whether the councillor conduct principles and the councillor code of conduct were breached,” she said.

“This outcome is based on independent legal advice and clarification from the Local Government Compliance and Investigations Inspectorate.”

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