Cakes with a little TLC

Cakes with a little TLC

You call Rosemary Jose a baker for all occasions

RoseMary Jose is from Mumbai but moved to Sydney nearly 12 years ago. Her love for baking, which was inculcated in her by her aunt in her childhood soon became a passion and ‘Cakes by Rose’ was born. She specialises in all types of cakes and for all different occasions! Be it an engagement or a wedding, a naming ceremony, a birthday or an anniversary, Cakes by Rose can create a baked magic for you. You name the occasion and they create your masterpiece!

However, she does not limit herself to cakes, but cupcakes, cookies and cake tables. The hallmark of her business is that she uses only the best materials. “Every cake or cookie is made fresh with the finest of ingredients and more importantly baked with a lot of love! All my creations are handmade, based on the individual orders and requirements of my clients,” says Rose.

Rose comes from a family of businessmen and wanted to start something of her own while she was on maternity leave about eight years ago. And it so happened that her passion for creating and experimenting with cakes was getting stronger too. “It seemed an opportune time to start a small cake decorating business. ‘Cakes by Rose’ became a brand in December 2009 and since then there has been no looking back,” she says. Rose has created hundreds of cakes and has enjoyed every single project, as no two cakes are alike.

Well, who would have thought that cake making would have its own challenges. She met hers when a friend requested for special cake for his 30th birthday. He wanted a Toyota Supra from the movie ‘Fast and Furious’. She was assigned the task of makinga mammoth cake replicating his favourite car! “I spent hours looking at the blueprints and matching the right colour and spending endless hours researching the car,” says Rose. “I had to make sure the cake looked like the car. Replicating a model is one of the most difficult things to do,” she adds.

All the hours spent and all the hard work put in was worth it when she saw the elated look on the birthday boy’s face. She received rave reviews from the guests too on how great the ‘car cake’ looked and tasted. This project instilled in her the courage to take on varies projects.

Rose has had quite a few very rewarding moments too. The couple that stand out are when she created a huge castle cake for Kyle and Jackie O’s Big Fat Gypsy wedding and when she recreated the new building inauguration cake for Parramatta Eels. But for Rose, moments when a client walks out happy with the cake of their dreams are equally rewarding ones. She follows the simple motto, “Never give up and just keep going”.

As a mum Rose has always loved creating something special for her kids’ birthdays and understands how much it means to them. As a caring community member she recognises that there are families who find it hard to organise a fancy birthday cake for their children. Rose makes the day special for such families by baking cakes free of cost.

Rose is very particular that each client of hers gets the best possible cake and that they are thoroughly satisfied by her product. So she only takes 1-2 orders per week. Perfection is a key element of her business. If you are looking for a cake or cupcakes or cookies, contact Rose by dropping her an email at

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