Remit2India now offers $35 Coles voucher for every first transaction

Remit2India now offers $35 Coles voucher for every first transaction

India and Australia had always had close ties – cultural, sporting, trade etc. But of late, the ties have become even closer thanks to a host of initiatives from both sides. More Indians are migrating to Australia, the governments are getting closer, Indian tourists visiting Australia are growing and so is trade between the countries.

However, one area that has shown great improvement in bringing the people of the two countries closer is remittance services for migrants. Earlier, Indians in Australia had to use complicated, time-consuming and expensive methods to send their money back to their families in India. There used to be a lack of transparency and no one knew where the money was till it actually reached its destination.

But now, times have changed. And services like Remit2India are driving that change. For the last 15 years, Remit2India has been pioneering online remittance services for Indians across the globe. With over a million users, Remit2India offers a safe, convenient and cost effective online channel to send money.

Australia is one of the key markets for Remit2India. With a path-breaking near instant delivery option to most banks in India, Remit2India has completely changed the way Indians in Australia send money to their loved ones. What’s more, the Remit2India service is not just limited to sending money to family – NRIs can use it to send money to their own NRE accounts in India and onwards to pay utility bills, buy property etc.

Currently, Remit2India is offering a trial scheme of a $35 Coles voucher for every first transaction through the service along with no fees for new users. Along with this, every transaction is also guaranteed an additional benefit up to 50 paisa extra per A$ sent, for a limited period.

The service is near instant from any bank in Australia to most banks in India and offers 24×7 toll-free support. More details about the service and the offer are available on and the Android & iOS Apps would also be available very soon.

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