Try Indian food with a little oomph at LAUGHING GANESHA


Lord Ganesha, the elephant-deity riding a mouse, is one of the most common symbols for every Indian celebration, religious or otherwise. He is believed to be the remover of all obstacles and the Lord of beginnings. The name ‘Laughing Ganesha’ has a very positive vibe, symbolising happiness, mischief, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude that is very welcoming and heart-warming.

The team at Laughing Ganesha takes great pleasure in serving diners a wonderful array of high quality, mouth-watering traditional Indian dishes, cooked to order using only the freshest, hand-picked ingredients selected from the markets daily making the end product both healthy and delicious. Here oil is used as a medium for cooking which means that you taste the flavour of it and don’t necessarily see it floating on the top of the food served. Thus dispelling the misnomer that Indian food is oily and hence can be unhealthy. “That is because at Laughing Ganesha we use oil as a medium of cooking and not for eating,” says Munish, the chef at Laughing Ganesha.

He believes in serving his guests traditional Indian food but with a twist to give it that ‘oomph’ factor. He has taken the age old and time honoured recipes that have been passed down through the generations and improvised them without compromising on flavour or taste. For instance, the Khasta Tandoori Roti has semolina and ajwain added to the dough which gives your taste buds a little surprise as you bite into it. Customers speak highly of the Salli Boti or the lamb shanks curry and call it a ‘stand out’. These shanks are slow cooked in a pickling spice mix that contains fennel, mustard seeds, whole cumin and fenugreek seeds. And as the meat falls of the bone, every mouthful is a delight in itself. The Dum Ki Dhingri is a yoghurt-based curry tempered with shahi jeera, dhingri being the mushroom grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. The dried ones can be bought from Indian stores or can be substituted with local shitake mushrooms.

I have tasted varieties of fish tikkas, but the ones at Laughing Ganesha have a unique flavour. Munish tells me it is because he uses paan ki jadh or beetle flower roots to give the fish the required pungency. These little improvisations dance on the palate giving the diners an exceptional dining experience.

The guests at Laughing Ganesha speak highly of the professional service provided by the attentive staff with an ambience that is relaxed, warm and friendly. One of the many satisfied customers had this to say, “This is without a doubt the best and freshest Indian food I have come across so far in Sydney. I have eaten in and had taken out often over the past 18 months and have loved every mouthful.” It is no wonder then that the people always return to renew their dining experience and try out other exotic dishes for you never know what magic will hit your palate.

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