Batter up for dosas

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Crisp or spicy, north Indian or south, the Dosa Hub makes it the way you like it

Dosa is a quintessential South Indian dish, served for breakfast in all South Indian homes, be it in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana or Tamil Nadu. So essentially for a South Indian there is nothing exotic or special about this dal-rice creation.

Growing up the only thing that fascinated me about a dosa was the way the batter was spread on the hot tava, it was one perfect circle created free hand! It was only when I moved out of the Southern part of India that the importance of dosa in the culinary circle became evident to me. “We are coming to your place for dosa,” became a standard self-invitation by friends. During my recent visit to Trivandrum, I was amazed to see a new dosa outlet that served a zillion different kinds of dosas. The humble dosa had clearly come of age!

Adarsh, Kalpana, Raj and Sujatha have created the ‘dosa’ experience for dosa lovers of Sydney through their trendy restaurant Dosa Hub. It is a hub indeed as it gives its customers 20 different kinds of dosas to choose from. Apart from the traditional dosas they also serve Pessarattu, a dal-rich spicy Andhra delicacy, and Utthapam, the thicker dosa sprinkled with onions and tomato, which is famous in Tamil Nadu. The North Indian avatar of the dosa is their Palak Paneer Dosa served with vegetable korma and onion raita.

To add more diversity to the cuisine, varieties of Dum Biryani also feature on the Dosa Hub menu, with the owners priding themselves on the authentic Hyderabadi Kachhi Biryani served. The team went to painstaking lengths to ensure that the authenticity of the method was maintained while cooking this biryani. For this several home chefs whose ancestors worked in the famous kitchens of the Nizam were interviewed and the information cross-referenced in the manuscripts from the Hyderabad State Central Library.

A Kachhi Hyderabad Biryani reflects the traditional method that the Nawabs’ kitchens pioneered, where meat or vegetables marinated in spices were placed in the bottom of a thick wide copper pan, above which were layers of half cooked basmati rice. The heavy lid was packed with dough to stop steam from escaping while the dish cooked slowly.  Smoldering charcoal pieces placed on top of the lid infused the rice with a smoky flavour.The Dosa Hub team believe they have been successful in replicating this age-old tradition of cooking and hence their biryani is it one of a kind.

But if you’re still keen on going the dosa way, and are feeling a little adventurous, try the Peri Peri dosa or the Nutella dosa.

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