The long and sock of it

The long and sock of it

Sometimes all you need to get a leg up is the right advice

It’s often said, that the devil is in the detail and this is no truer than when it comes to fashion and style. While the more forefront accessories like pocket squares, ties and jewellery etc have had that extra bit of attention lately, socks have occasionally been neglected and faux pas have been left to rule the day.

Men’s socks are often a forgotten piece of clothing, until they get noticed. While style watchers “tsk-tsk” when men get it wrong, they nod in approval when a well-dressed man chooses a pair that complements his wardrobe. Socks therefore do not have to be boring, there are lots of options let’s go for more details on the varieties of socks on offer.

Neutral Socks

They are perfect for the professional setting or a black tie event. When wearing neutrals, formally match them to the colour of your trousers, not your shoes or shirt. Where possible, try not to match the shade exactly either (this is obviously a non-issue for black, but for navy and grey, try to differentiate the hue of the trouser and sock.) Finally, get your textures relatively similar. For example, don’t wear silk or other shiny material socks with a tweed suit. If the length is at least mid-calf, you never have to worry about exposing skin.

However, neutral socks should not only be reserved for formal occasions, as they can still work in casual outfits. Even though they may lack the vibrancy of a block coloured sock or the character of a patterned version, they still have a role to play. You can tie the top and bottom half of your outfit together (try using a navy sock that matches your navy blazer), use plain socks to anchor bold coloured chinos or simply use something as subtle as a black or grey sock to make a statement when paired with shorts this season.

Block-coloured Socks

If you’ve moved up in the sock stakes and decided to get bolder with your choice, block colours are a simple place to start. This means working with pastels, bright colours or generally anything that doesn’t come under the neutral tag. Try to pick out accent colours in your look, such as a tie, and contrast or compliment your socks to fit. Lastly, like when wearing neutrals, don’t get too matchy. If you’re picking out an orange hue, try pairing slightly more yellow socks (or contrast with blue.)

Patterned Socks

Prints and patterns are going to be the present days big thing, it has been discovered that socks are a great entry-level way to adopt the trend. When going for patterns, try to pick out colours that are above the waistline and don’t match the pattern of your socks to a pattern already in the rest of your look.

Boot Socks

Boot socks are a relatively new style which has staked a claim for a place in your sock drawer. They have become increasingly popular within men’s fashion and most men will now own a pair of hiking or military or desert boots, and the thick construction of a boot sock ensures comfort when wearing this type of footwear for extended periods of time. The longer length allows the socks to stick out the top of your boot, breaking up the lines between your trousers and footwear whilst allowing you to add another focal point or colour.

Summer Socks

Going sockless in summer? Not necessary, if you’re looking to implement socks into your summer looks, there’s a great range available to us right now. Bright designs and unique prints and patterns will help establish a statement, where as lighter tones, pastel colours and darker variations will create more of a subtle feel. You should wear your socks as short as possible when it comes to wearing them with shorts, no-show or invisible socks are the perfect matching.

Sports Socks

It’s depending on the sport that you involve; pick the right sock for the right sport and use synthetic material, use proper shoes and fit them with the socks you plan to wear while playing.

Sport socks that are extremely hydrophobic (fibres repelling moisture) like polypropylene, are thought to repel water so effectively that wicking cannot occur. In descending order of hydrophilic ranking, the following fibres are listed for sport socks: Cotton, wool, acrylic, cool max and polypropylene.

Traveler’s health socks

This is the newest innovation of socks culture. When it comes to lining your feet while travelling long distance, socks have to be more comfortable and moisture absorbent as they are the first line of defense in foot health. Otherwise your journey will be end up with infections of yeast, bacterial and viral or other skin diseases on your feet.  There are socks available in the market specialized for travelers with long lasting fragrances.

Overall, socks are a key men’s fashion accessory that provide the modern male with many benefits even in the summer. Don’t be cheap. Expect to pay $20 to $30 for a high-quality pair of socks. You deserve it. If you’re spending a lot on dress shoes, shouldn’t your socks be just as nice? It’s time to think.


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