Now, Dr Sicknote to issue carers leave certificates

Now Dr Sicknote to issue carers leave certificates

Medical e-consultation website founder hopes his latest offering will ease the stress levels of primary carers in Australia

In a move set to ease the stress levels of primary carers across the nation, medical e-consultation website Dr Sicknote has announced carers will be offered leave certificates.

Dr Sicknote’s latest technology innovation allows quicker and more convenient access to medical certificates online.

The website provides a confidential, secure and convenient way for patients to gain a medical certificate for minor ailments and carers leave without having to attend a medical clinic.

In Australia, it is estimated that nearly 5.5 million people between the ages of 15 and 64 years have unpaid caring responsibilities for relatives or friends.

Dr Sicknote’s founder, Dr Sachin Patel, recognised the need to set up a system that allows for more convenience for carers to obtain certificates and documentation for routine and minor medical procedures.

“A lot of these carers don’t have the time or resources to visit doctor’s waiting rooms, with some people living in remote areas that don’t have a GP nearby,” says Dr Patel, who is on a mission to educate Australia on why sites like his are crucial for reducing the burden off Medicare, patients and GP’s across the country.

“Sitting in a waiting room for hours on end, when you have other responsibilities is not beneficial to anyone other than the employer requesting medical documentation. Medical and taxpayer resources are precious, and our aim is to help patients, doctors and Medicare make the best use of these resources by allowing safe online access to some medical services where physical contact with a doctor is not required,” Dr Patel points out.

The rather simple process requires patients to complete an online e-consultation and to book in an online consultation with one of Dr Sicknote’s GPs via Skype. The website is backed by a team of fully qualified and registered Australian GPs who have a broad range of experience in traditional general practice surgeries.

Since its launch in December 2015, the website has had over 20,000 unique visitors and has already issued over 160 medical certificates.

Dr Sicknote can be accessed at and medical certificates or repeat referrals are available for $19.99.

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