Knowing Asia inside out: Rohini Kappadath

Knowing Asia inside out: Rohini Kappadath

Rohini Kappadath, director of Cross-Border Business at Pitcher Partners, is an Asia savvy business leader with 28-years experience in doing business in Australia, India, Japan and the ASEAN region.

She has a diverse background in the information technology industry and a career spanning 13 years at global multinational SAS Institute, which saw her start up and lead, as managing director, a highly successful subsidiary for SAS in India. Today SAS Institute has its largest R&D centre, outside of the US, based in Pune and a growing domestic software solutions business in India.

Woman of the year. At Pitcher Partners, Rohini contributes to the development of a growing practice of domestic and international clients. She is a sought after commentator in the media and collaborates on a multitude of initiatives across government, industry and academia.

Rohini was recently named the 2015 Winner of the Telstra Victorian Business Women’s Award, known to be one of the most prestigious awards given to women in Australia.


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