Chasing dreams


Afghan-born writer Wida Tausif on her book “Don’t Give up on Your Dreams” through which she hopes to inspire young children

For as long as she can remember, Wida Tausif nurtured her dream to be a writer. A dream that came true on 17 January, when she launched her book, rather aptly titled “Don’t Give up on Your Dreams”.

In high school, Wida – who was born in Afghanistan but grew up in Pakistan — started writing poetry and short stories as a hobby. “I was discouraged by a few people but she did not let that get in the way,” says Wida, now settled in Melbourne.

Wida continued following her dream, which she recalled at her book launch. “Throughout my new life in Australia, I was inspired by stories from around the world on social media, where young women in some countries do not have the right to choose what they want to do. I wanted to write a children’s fiction book to inspire the youth and young children,” says Wida, who at the end of 2013, completed her manuscript “Don’t Give up on Your Dreams” and started submitting it to publishers. Unfortunately her manuscript was rejected. Wida did feel hopeless at some stage but she decided to not give up and tried her hand at self-publishing.

Wida published “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams” in 2015, but had the official launch this year. The book tells a story that encourages young people – especially children — to pursue their dreams regardless of discouragements they may face along the way. “Dreams will only come true, if you chase after them. It is in your hands, you make the decision,” says Wida.

It was clear by the questions she was asked at the event that Wida’s book has inspired and impacted readers. There were a huge amount of questions asked and Wida was able to give her audience an insight of the process.

“A lot of youth dream of doing something in their life but because they do not receive much support from their families and friends, it seems impossible for them to follow their dreams. I have heard a lot of similar stories, but let’s be clear with one thing, nothing is impossible in life,” says the writer. In fact, one of her poems, titled ‘Peace’, has been selected to be displayed at the Human Rights Exhibition display at UBC (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada). “This was a surprise but I was truly grateful for it being used for such a great cause. I want to promote peace through poetry.”

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