Don’t stop believing…doing: Pentagon Group

Don’t stop believing...doing: Pentagon Group

In Pentagon, Vijan Patel is known as the man who can crack any deal in retail and property development projects, which operate in Tasmania and Victoria. His strong commitment and persuasion has helped the company reach great heights in the world of properties.

But Vijan never stops. Whether he is at networking luncheons at “place of best reputation you go” or travelling for work with the multiple businesses in his portfolio, Melbourne-based “VJ” is always doing things at once with the highest level of precision. As VJ says to staff, “Don’t stop even when you have enough.” His strong commitment means there is always room for more opportunity and improvement if you can challenge yourself every day. The time he does take away from his corporate life is dedicated to his family, his wife Fiona and two sons Kiaan and Kalan.

Vision with action. Varun Zaveri is called the man of vision because he broken new group for the group in wholesale and retail marketing. Varun’s organisational skills have accelerated the group to success.

The people person. Vishal Patel, who began his career as a project engineer, is among the key people at Pentagon, making sure the operations side is managed with precision. His strong interpersonal skills have helped build a rapport among stakeholders.

Going for gold. Sunny Singh seems to have the Midas touch. He has had success at every door step from 2006 after starting his own business in retail. He has developed his own phone accessory brand called Samyol which raked in a turnover of more than half million in six months.

Man on the move. The man in retail operations, Pratik Sarsavadia is a manager with vision. Pratik’s smart watch on market movement has helped fortify the group’s future and maximize growth.


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  1. Mr Vijan Patel, shortly will be known as a father of biggest investment scam in Victoria, Pentagon group a well known non paying to the contractors suppliers company still convincing customers of their wealth please talk to their customers from development completed Check how happy their are dealing with Pentagon Group