The RACV way of life: Preeti Jabbal


It’s been over 15 years of working with RACV and the journey, according to Preeti Jabbal, has been most fulfilling in terms of both professional and personal growth. “My working life takes up a huge chunk of my life so it is important to ensure that there is work-life balance and happiness that stems from success,” says Preeti who currently works as the Branch manager for RACV Noble Park Retail.

Preeti is well respected by her peers for her contribution towards leading an effective team that primarily deals with member services, offering a diverse range of financial and other RACV products.

Helping the community. Preeti is actively involved with promoting and supporting RACV’s engagement with the Indian community. This includes leading the initiative for RACV to participate in and sponsor Indian festivals and events like the Federation Square Diwali, AIII Holi and Diwali, and Disha Cancer Fundraiser.


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